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The First Steps are Always the Hardest

With everything that is daunting in life - the first step is the hardest.

Take exercise - if you are a little apprehensive about returning to exercise after having kids, or maybe you haven’t ever done exercise and aren’t sure where to start, everyone has that apprehension.

〰️ You are not alone. Everyone has to start somewhere.

〰️ Your baby/kids will be OK if you make some time for yourself - I know the thought of leaving them for any length of time can be hard.

〰️ Take it slowly. Go at a pace that that reflects where you are personally on your journey.

〰️ Find a coach or instructor that you click with and who understands your goals so you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

〰️ Keep going with it. Don’t give up at the first hurdle, it will get easier.

Sometimes thinking about the thing is more daunting than actually doing the thing.

My little boy stepped into the sea for the first time while we were on holiday this year and he and fearlessly followed us out into the waves for his first sea swim. He just went out there and did the thing.

Let’s be more like our kids. 💪

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