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When I was pregnant I asked anyone what exercise I could/should do I was told to, “listen to my body”, “carry on with the exercise I was doing” and “not to let my heart rate go into the red”.

The guidance women are given around exercising when pregnant is not clear and it left me feeling lost and unsure of what I could or couldn’t do.

One of the main reasons that I started Mummy Movement was to be able to help and educate women so that they understand the changes that occur in their body during pregnancy and postpartum and learn how to manage those changes while exercising.

The 2017 Department of Health Guidelines advice is that pregnant women should be doing 150 minutes of moderate activity EVERY week and they should also do muscle strengthening activities TWICE a week. Swipe left to see the infographic. It is so important for ALL be exercising (and strength training) regularly - it reaps so many amazing benefits to our health - and it is fun too.

Pregnancy is not an illness - we should still be moving and lifting while pregnant - just not hitting lifetime PBs and pushing ourselves to our limits. You need to be mindful of your ever expanding tummy and the internal pressure that growing a baby inside of you creates. You need to be able to manage that pressure and be aware of any bearing down into your pelvic floor and doming/coning in your abdomen. You need to be able to understand the changes that occur and make sure you are exercising and are mindful of those changes.

If you are pregnant and feeling unsure about what you can and can’t do, I am here to help guide you so that you can make informed decisions, look after your body and long-term pelvic health AND keep doing what you love.

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