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Nearly every new mum I work with says that they want to“lose weight and tone up“ or “fit back into their pre-pregnancy clothes”. It is totally natural to feel like that - I did.

As a new Mum having self compassion is so important. You need to be able to be cut yourself some slack when you have just had a baby because it is HARD. You are tired and time for anything is limited. Just try and remember....

Your amazing body grew a tiny human inside you.

Your body brought your baby into the world.

Your body needs some time to rest and heal.

You body also might also need some help to become strong again and to learn some new things - but it will feel like your body again.

I don’t want you make the same mistakes that I did - not giving your postnatal body the support and help it needs to recover and looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw.

I want to help you love your body.

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